La Martiniere Girls’ College –A Historical Perspective

1869 It was decided by the committee in charge, that the school would be located in the Moti Mahal Premises.

1871 The school was transferred, first to Fursat Manzil and then to Khursheed Manzil.

1876 On 27th November 1876, the school acquired possession of Khursheed Manzil.

1888 The government granted additional land extending to the Delhi and London Bank (now the State Bank of India) to the school.

1895 The Hospital, Kitchens, covered way and most important of all the New Building, which today is known as the baby’s dormitory building, was built. This provided additional dormitories, classrooms and music rooms.

1903 Transfer of the strip of land lying between the Tarawali Kothi and Chamberlain Road and contiguous to the existing compound of the Khursheed Manzil was given to the authorities of La Martiniere Girls’ School.

1945 The boundary wall of the school was built.

1957 The K.G. block was constructed. The hospital was re-plastered and colour washed on the whole of the outside.
A basketball court with up to date projecting boards was provided.
New staff quarters were put up.

1959 Six new servant quarters were completed.

1960 The boundary wall was rebuilt as it had been washed away by swirling flood waters in October.
The Tube well was completed.
New servant quarters were constructed.

1962 The construction of the Swimming Pool and Pavilion was undertaken. The garage was also constructed.
A school bus was purchased this year.
The school office had to be pulled down as the roof was caving in and construction of a new block consisting of two office rooms and two staff rooms began (present teachers' block).

A Science block and a boundary wall came up on the North side.

1969 The Centenary Hall was constructed.

1972 A second floor was constructed over the Science Block comprising a Library, reading room and three class rooms. The roofs in the main building were waterproofed.

1975 A New Preparatory Block, a two- storey building with eight classrooms was completed. Two additional Prep. Classes were opened.

1985-86 Four new classrooms were built in the Preparatory Block.

1992-93 The swimming pool was tiled with a brand new filter plant and tube well.

1998 The old servants' quarters were demolished. New toilets were constructed for the servants. A new block with 12 classrooms was constructed. Section 'D' was added to classes Lower Prep to seven.

1999-2000 The main office was renovated. The long felt need for a visitors' room was met. The office was computerized.
The solar water heaters were repaired.
The school kitchens furnaces were converted from coal to gas. The old bus garage was converted into a ration go-down.
The old block of toilets was demolished and construction began on a double storied block of toilets and bathing cubicles for the baby dormitory.
A new classroom block was completed.

2000-01 The college drainage was connected to the La Place sewer line. The field was cleared and built up area for seating extended.

2001-2002 A Multimedia computer was installed in the library and connected to the Internet.
A new play park was inaugurated in the Preparatory Section.
A new Art Room and a new Computer Laboratory were constructed and the Gandhi Corner was renovated.

2002-03 A new hospital block was constructed in place of the old.
The area behind the junior block was enclosed and a new gate and pathway built.
On the Sports Field, the seating area was paved with bricks and the pathway to the auditorium covered with tiles. The seating area around the Basket Ball Court was extended. In the auditorium, the guest toilets were completely redone.
A Tennis court was built in front of the Senior School Block.
In the garden a second pond with two waterfalls was built and ducks and geese were introduced to the old pond.
A computer and printer were installed in every department.

2003-04 New teachers' quarters were constructed on the first floor of the hospital block.
A Biotechnology laboratory was constructed.
The complete computerization of the library was undertaken.
A balcony was constructed in the auditorium and a new Phillips sound system was also installed. The entire false ceiling and wiring was redone.
The Meditation center ‘Tranquility’ was constructed in the wasteland near the hospital.
The old tennis court was dug up and lawns and tiled paths were laid in its place. A new enclosure was made for the ducks and geese.
The school acquired its own transformer.

2004-2005 La Martiniere reached a landmark with a hundred computers.
In the Preparatory Section garden, cages were built for our mini zoo.
Flooring of the babies' dormitory and the complete relaying of the old sewer lines connected the Prep Block, Junior and Middle Schools, Science Blocks etc. was undertaken.
A New block of toilets was built for the children.

2005-2006 Five new classrooms and two staff rooms were constructed over the Gandhi Corner and computer laboratory.
The School library was extended by breaking a wall and including a classroom.
Replacement of the entire wiring of the Khursheed Manzil. Earthing/MCB points were provided and load redistributed.

2007-2008 The toilets and dressing rooms were reconstructed. Three new classrooms, music and dance rooms along with a special education room were created.
P.A.L.S. decided to reclaim the area near the main gate in collaboration with CIMAP(Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatical Plants)and build a herbal garden on the plot. Known as Manav Garden, the plant beds are in the shape of a human body. The herbs useful for disorders of a particular part are grown in the corresponding bed.
A first day cover with the photograph of Khursheed Manzil was released by the U.P.Circle of Postal Department.

2009 plantation of 700 fruit trees on a large area of land adjoining La Place.
Construction of a new block began. On 5th September, four classes shifted to their new classrooms. A short prayer service was organized and the classrooms were blessed.
A new copy-scanner-printer machine was purchased for use in the office.
The Little P.A.LS. Garden was inaugurated.

2010Two Generators and one Transformer installed.
A dedication service for the new building with two Audio-Visual Rooms, a new Library, and 15 new classrooms was held on Founder's Day,13th September.

2011 The school acquired two online UPS systems of 7 and 3 KVA with one hour back up. This greatly helped our Senior students in their Practical Examinations. A Laser Fax machine was installed in the office.

A play room, junior library and a junior school computer room was added to the College.

Junior School Computer Laboratory

The new Junior School Computer Laboratory was inaugurated by Reveren Chandy on 27th May, 2011.The laboratory has 22 computers and its own internet facility.

Junior School Library

The new Junior School library was inaugurated by reveren Chandy on 27th May,2011 in the Junior department. The library has books catering to children of classes 2 to 5.


Playing is what a kid is all about. Creating a play room is a great way to set up a 'fun environment' that allows inclusion of educational items as part of their playtime. Recognising such a need we, at La Martiniere, have aimed to provide just that by creating a functional playroom to give our kids the best foundation possible. Playroom is a kid's delight with slides, see-saws, rocking animals, ride vehicles that children can pedal and much more. Nursery rhymes and fairy tales line up the walls of the room. The floor has markings of 'Hopscotch' and 'Snakes and Ladders'. There is also a white board where children are free to draw or write in short and give vent to their imagination.

2012 The College kitchen was fully renovated with new tiling, stainless steel work tables and new equipment such as a freezer, refrigerator, oven, grinder and toaster - all of which have helped to improve the efficiency of the kitchen and to add a greater variety of dishes to the menus. A solar water heater gives the kitchen running hot water in the newly constructed wash area. Two new solar cookers have also been acquired. These help to save on gas and electricity in a big way, apart from makingthe college eco friendly!
A new solar water heating system has also been put up for use by the boarders of the baby dormitory.
The swimming pool of the college was also renovated and a new stadium was built to accommodate more spectators. The walls of the stadium have been covered with pictures of the college crest and the four houses apart from other creatives. Under the stadium, a new gymnasium is being built that will help the teams exercise and increase their strength and stamina.
The restoration of the exterior of Khursheed Manzil has begun.
A Mahindra Alpha tempo carrier has been acquired and will help the support staff in a big way.









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