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House System

La Martiniere Girls' College follows the House System. Students from classes 1 to 12 are divided into four houses namely:-

cornwallis Motto-Never Give In.

This house derived its name from the renowned reformer and administrator, Lord Cornwallis. He was Claude Martin's greatest friend and benefactor.


hodson Motto-Do or Die. 

This house is named after the gallant and intrepid officer, Major William Stephen Hodson. He succumbed to a wound received while storming the Begum Kothi (now the Lucknow GPO) in 1858. He lies buried in La Martiniere College grounds.


Motto-Perseverance Conquers All. 


This house is pronounced "lions". (a corruption of the town which was the birth place of our founder Major General Claude Martin)

martin Motto-Nil Desperandum. 

The name of this house is derived from the founder of the Martinian institutions, Major General Claude Martin.


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