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Footsteps of people long forgotten echo around,
The past vivid before my eyes full of colours and sound;
The smell of a perfume used ages ago,
Is wafted by the breeze, as I walk today,
Down memory lane.
Reliving memories, smiling at what's lost,
Moving on, reluctant to leave behind what I value most;
Those cherished moments that I spent without care,
Now remind me of life's sweetest stair,
As I walk down memory lane.

Poem by Tanya Mishra(student)

Though its time for me to bid goodbye,
There is a part of myself I' m leaving behind,.
Maybe a footprint unseen to the eyes,
In the sunlit corridors I'm  leaving behind.
A whispering sigh caught among the leaves,
Of the sprawling Neem tree I'm leaving behind.
Some jokes shared over a cup of tea,
A stifled laugh I'm leaving behind.
Some words of caution to a naughty child,
Some lessons unheeded I'm leaving behind.
Some lines of Shelley, perhaps a character sketch,
In the young minds I'm leaving behind.
The fragrance of the flowers I got,
On teachers' Day I'm leaving behind.
I've recieved a lot, I'm taking a lot,
And I have nothing more to give.
My heartfelt thanks to each one of you,
Some special wishes I'm leaving behind.

(a farewell poem by an ex-student and an ex-staff -Mrs.M.Pant)

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