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Psychology Club

    The Psychology Club was started in the academic session 2016-2017 under the guidance of our former Principal, late Mrs. F. Abraham and our Vice Principal, Mrs. A. Dass.  
The word 'Paracosm' means an imaginary world designed by a child. The club endeavours to promote the use of psychology in daily life, to spread happiness all around and inculcate social values in the students.

The Club shall :
- Conduct interesting seminars on topics that are relevant to students' academic and personal life.
- Organise two field trips during the course of the academic year-An academic visit to help students have a better understanding of psychology as a subject and another to enhance social values and generosity among students.
- Motivate students to build a mentally strong, yet compassionate personality.
-Help students to cope with stress that arises due to academics as well as peer groups

The Club, initiated by Mrs. M. Kalra, is entirely run by the Psychology students of Class 12. Mrs. F. Rashid, Mrs. P. Kapoor, Mrs. A. Ravishanker, Mrs. R. Mukand and Mrs. A. Tandon are members of the Core Group.



The Psychology Club conducted a seminar for the students of class 11 and 12 on the 31st of August, 2016. Dr. Pallavi Bhatnagar, an experienced professor working in the Psychology Department of Lucknow University was invited to address the students. 

       Mrs. Bhatnagar began with listing our behavior towards the people we love and those that make us uncomfortable. She then asked the students to ponder over their behavior with themself. She talked about the importance of accepting and encouraging oneself in order to stay happy and become successful in life. She told the students to connect with themself and their breath. Accompanied with anecdotes and enlightening experiences, the seminar turned out to be very interesting. This was followed by a very engaging round of questions and answers between the students and Professor Bhatnagar. All queries regarding time management, emotional issues and parental pressure were addressed by her. 

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